Our services

You have the control of your website because you will be the contract holder with both, hosting provider and domain, and the costs generated by these.

Which includes the web

  • Installing WordPress  on your hosting.
  • Web design  personalized,  we use a page builder.
  • Adaptable to any screen and any mobile ( responsive ).
  • Base configuration for a blog  so you can add all the items you want and share them on social networks.
  • Free plugins included (In case of a payment plugin, it will be paid apart from the agreed price).
  • A  contact form  fully functional and tailored to your needs.
  • A  registration form for users with the possibility of creating database if necessary.
  • Email accounts  with the name of your website. For example contacto@tuweb.com
  • Integration of your social networks to invite everyone  to Follow you and to invite them to share the page or the posts of your blog.

Your Online Store

In addition to what we include in the website:

    • Installation and configuration of WooCommerce plugin.
    • Base structure as the store.
    • Store prepared to sell physical or digital products.
    • It includes design, upload until 25 products and creating categories.
    • Fully self-managed from you, training included.
    • Simple purchase process with memorization in the shopping cart.
    • Configuring the payment gateway adapted to your bank and Paypal.
    • User Registration
With personalized attention, we adapt to your needs and your customers | product | service.

What more could you need:

In addition to including the web, you may also need:

  • Service  Booking Online  with the possibility of custom confirmation for customer loyalty.
  • Areas on the website of  Private access  and entry by a specific code.
  • To offer  downloads  of catalogs, brochures, etc. in pdf format.
  • Data Entry
  • To create area where are displayed  testimonials  from customers.
  • Service Chat  live with visitors to answer questions instantly.
  • To create a forum  where users can ask questions, answer other users, ultimately if you want to generate traffic and create a community.
  • To include  calendar events  to communicate activities and information.
  • To integrate the web to a provider of email marketing (use Mailrelay) that lets you create newsletters, send mailings, manage your list of subscribers and analyze your email campaigns by offering advanced statistics.
  • To create an account in  Google Analytics  so you can study the number of visits.
  • To create a Sitemap to inform Google and other search engines about the web and be tracked by robots smarter. 
  • To create an account in  Google My bussiness, just in case you need it, to show your business into the local community on Google Maps and Google Search.

Pay only for what you need

Request your budget without compromise. Because not all businesses need the same services, not all websites or online stores need to have all internet tools.

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