About me

Aida Lorena Torres

Lic. en Marketing

I worked in the graphic design world years ago, but in one way or another it was always present in my life, just that I went from paper to computer.

Dedicated during the last years to the commercial and marketing world for different types of clients, I especially highlight my orientation to business and understanding of customer needs. I also highlight my proactivity when it comes to identifying problems and opportunities, as well as my predisposition to work on them and achieve good results.

Continuing with my professional career and taking into account that nowadays we have to look at marketing from a digital perspective, I have spent time updating all my knowledge. But, as I was having digital experience, I realized the great importance of the website not only because it is your digital showcase, but also because it is the place where your audience take action and accept your services or buy your products. The web must adapt constantly to changes, to the needs of SEO, to the needs of customers, to new stations | stages, etc. and must be in accordance with advertising and social networks.

My mission in relation to marketing, making it clear that nothing is accurate will always depend on your business and the availability you have, is to give you the information, guidelines and knowledge necessarys to create and implement a strategy that leads you to achieve the target you want to obtain, accompany you in a hand in hand in all actions.

Now I live in London (Great Bretain) but my availability has no borders, my office is my laptop (computer). I speak spanish.

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